Moon encourages South Koreans to vote in the presidential election.

Seoul: On the eve of South Korea's presidential election, President Moon Jae-in urged people across the country to vote, while also urging thorough preparations to avoid lapses and ensure Covid-infected people's right to vote.

"Tomorrow is the day for people to elect a President to lead state affairs for the next five years," the President said, adding that he hopes people will "show collective intelligence of our people through an active participation in the main vote tomorrow." Moon stated that a Cabinet meeting would be held.  Turnout was around 37% during the two-day early voting period that ended on March 5.

Meanwhile, the National Election Commission (NEC) has decided to allow Covid-19 patients and those in quarantine to vote in their own ballot boxes, after an earlier decision to collect their ballots in unofficial containers sparked widespread accusations of foul play.

Moon directed the NEC to prepare for "all possibilities" in order to "guarantee confirmed virus patients' right to vote" by turning early voting lapses into a lesson.The election on Wednesday comes as the country is dealing with the worst wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, with daily infections hovering around 200,000. The President also stated that the election on Wednesday is expected to attract more virus-infected voters than early voting.

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