Moon transit into PISCES Lagna results in a favourable turn to this four zodiacs

Feb 09 2019 09:37 AM
Moon transit into PISCES Lagna results in a favourable turn to this four zodiacs

Here a New day with a new beginning, new hope and expectations. We all have curiosity to know our daily horoscope that it what have keep for us. So lets have a look on our daily horoscope today. With special reference to promise day.

ARIES: You will enjoy being out of the home today. Try to keep a tab on your expenditure today, and control the urge to spend. This is a good day to make fresh investments. If you’re feeling mentally weak or anxious, then make an effort to ignite your self-confidence Try to keep a tab on your expenditure today, and control the urge to spend. 

TAURUS: If you are interested in worldly pleasures, then there will be happiness from someone of the opposite gender. The day is significant for you from the view-point of receiving support. Your family and friends will support you. This is a good time to make major decisions involving your business partnership or associates today. Your fame will be widespread. There is every possibility of your gaining new responsibilities or promotion

GEMINI: Today you will spend some happy moments with your family. You will take interest and pleasure in your work. You may get some valuable gift today. You will be quite busy with your official and business matters. White is the lucky color for you today. There are chances of gaining money from an unexpected source.

CANCER: Today is the suitable time for accomplishing all your pending religious works. f you are generous today, people will praise your good qualities and you will grow in your status and fame. You may come across a wise person this day, but never believe an evil person in disguise to be a wise man. Whatever may be the effect of the Moon sign, it is advisable for you to keep your mind alert this day. t will be a good day for you, full of happiness. This is a suitable time from the view-point of taking various decisions,

LEO : You should avoid taking important decisions and initiating fresh projects. Continue spending a normal life as before. Do not enter into any purchase deal this day. Keep pending all matters connected with taking or giving loans today. Avoid traveling to unknown places, as there is a risk. Someone may be trying to defame you today. Beware of your enemies and make sure you do nothing to provoke them. You may be subjected to mental strain and agony this day. Never be impatient

VIRGO: This is a good day for love affairs. You will derive pleasure from physical bonding with your spouse, and there will be a marked improvement in matters related to love. ndulge in such works, which will secure you from unfortunate incidents. In case you are going through unfavorable trends then be very careful today to avoid further mishaps. You should remain truthful and never try to cheat others because bad things may befall you if you do so. 

LIBRA : Be careful while working, as there are chances of injury. This day will not be conducive from the view point of arriving at important decisions and starting new projects. You will achieve success in the field of knowledge and education, and luck will not desert you. Recognize your internal and outward enemies, and remain careful of them. It will be wise for you to do your work patiently. Y

SCORPIO:  This day will be most favorable for you for studies. You should give more attention to your food habits this day. Your past deeds will decide your present. You may participate in a meeting of intellectuals depending upon your own standing. You may interact with them and prove your own intellectual qualities. You have been provided with a golden opportunity to repay your loans and end long standing enmity. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Stay away from off-white colour today as it might not be lucky for you. ou should be careful while driving vehicles. You may experience adverse circumstances today. There is a possibility that you may face opposition from the public. People may spread rumors against you. You are likely to suffer from mental tensions and agony this day, but with a strong will you can overcome them. You should not conduct religious rites today. 

CAPRICORN: People will appreciate your personality and will praise your virtues. ou will feel courageous, cheerful and will have a strong desire to live a good life. You may get a promotion or may obtain additional charges depending upon your special capabilities and qualifications. You may get a promotion or may obtain additional charges depending upon your special capabilities and qualifications.

AQUARIUS : Try to save your money and do not spend extravagantly. Also, do not involve in purchase of any material. Pay special attention towards your face and eyes. If you take a little care about your food habits, then you will enjoy delicious food items. Have a peaceful co-existence with your family and neighbors. If you face dispute and pain from both these quarters, then you should realize that you are going through a bad phase. 

PISCES: The ultimate result of the day is dependent upon the present state of your mind and other circumstances. Your mind may remain in an emotional state today. You may recognize your internal capabilities and try to improvement upon them accordingly. You may evaluate your present trend of life and try to give it a proper direction.

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