'Virginity is a lie',Moose Jattana's shocking statement

Muskan Jattana (Moose Jattana), a Bigg Boss OTT contestant from Chandigarh in Punjab, has recently said that she has come under the spotlight. Moose has declared herself bisexual and now she has surprised everyone by saying that she wants to marry a girl. She has made a shocking statement amid the ongoing debate over virginity in India. Recently, she said of people's thinking, "Whenever an Indian man goes to see a girl for themselves, they has only one desire to find a sealed girl, whereas nothing like that happens. '



You can see Moose also posted a picture on her Instagram. With this picture, she writes, 'What is virginity after all?' She replied, 'Virginity is a myth. Seal-veal is nothing. It is a muscle that breaks down on its own as it grows older. Learn about it. But don't use it to humiliate women and girls. Thank God she will never be cultured for a narrow-minded Indian family. She further said, 'Thankfully no mother will ever accept them. Thankfully, the one above. Thankfully, I am ungodly, rude and shameless. I want no girl or woman to have meaningless traditions and expectations. '

Moose further wrote in his post, 'I wish all of you sisters a better life. I wish you amazing sex. I pray for a lot of intimacy, experiments and learning new things. No one should stop their desires. I hope you can see the whole world. I wish your partner washed your dishes, decorated the bed. I want you to be free and full of life. I pray that your partner loves you very much. Now many people seem to be supporting moose on this post.

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