More than 2 lakh people get corona vaccine in India

Jan 18 2021 09:19 AM
More than 2 lakh people get corona vaccine in India

New Delhi: The vaccine has entered into a war against the epidemic in the country. Since Saturday, people in the country have started getting corona vaccine. Not only that, India has also created a record of corona vaccination. A total of 224,301 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine within two days in the country, while the US, UK and France have lagged behind in the case.

Corona vaccination campaign will resume in all states of the country from Monday. In some states, vaccination was halted on Sunday. On the second day of corona vaccination, 17,072 people were vaccinated. A total of 2,24,301 people have been vaccinated in the country so far. After PM Modi launched the corona vaccination drive through video conferencing, about 1.91 lakh frontline workers and health workers had given the first dose of corona vaccine on the first day of vaccination at about 3300 sites across the country. However, it was much lower than the target of three lakh daily. The government hopes that corona vaccination will see momentum from today.

The Delhi government will launch a campaign to provide more health workers in Delhi to get corona vaccine. The campaign will try to address their doubts or hesitation by talking to health workers. The health workers will also be motivated to get the vaccine by calling them.

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