Over 80 birds died in the forest, Forest Department team engaged in investigation

Feb 18 2020 06:03 PM
Over 80 birds died in the forest, Forest Department team engaged in investigation

Nagaur: This incident is of forests near Gurjars' Dhani in Mithadia village. The death of more than 80 birds including national bird peacock has come to light. Out of which 30 peacocks and other birds were found dead till Tuesday morning. Earlier on Monday, 50 peacocks were found dead. Along with this, some other birds have also been found dead. On this matter, it is believed that birds have died due to the poisoning of wheat grains by feeding them together and the news of the death of peacocks in large quantities has caused a lot of outrage among the villagers. After informing the forest department officials, the Ranger of the department has sent the rescue team.

On the same matter, with the help of villagers, the treatment of 6 peacocks has been started and they have been saved. The injured peacocks are being searched in the fields. By which they can be treated and saved. The villagers said that information about the death of peacocks was found in the fields around Gurjars' dhani. Meanwhile, some peacocks have also been found in the fields in injured condition. The compounder was called on the spot and treated. Meanwhile, around 6 peacocks have been saved. Villagers said that in the meantime, grains of wheat were found scattered under the tree. Villagers say that there is a possibility of poisoning in wheat grains.

The villagers along with the forest department team have found peacocks found dead in the fields and sent them for pick-up in post-mortem at Degana Veterinary Hospital through pickup. The injured peacocks were also taken to the veterinary hospital for treatment. Continued relief work has been started on this, while the water has been spilt from the water tanker on the poisonous grains scattered in the bushes of Kair, so that the effect of the poison on the grains can be erased. Later, the villagers have filed a written report to the Ranger against the unknown person in the police. If he has done this incident then he has demanded to be punished in the case of the killers of the peacocks.

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