Know the amazing benefits of stretching body in morning

Aug 22 2019 07:19 PM
Know the amazing benefits of stretching body in morning

when we sleep late at night then it becomes hard to wake up early in the morning.   But if you do some stretching exercises every day before you get up, it can deliver you numerous benefits. It is very important to stretch the body so that your hands, feet and body are activated. Stretching not only improves blood flow in the body, but also relieves pain in the body. Today we're going to give you some tips.

Figure-for-stretch is beneficial for your hips, joints, thighs and gluts. To do this, bend your left knee and then place the right foot on the left leg knee. Then hold your left knee with both hands and pull it towards the chest. It also opens up your joints and keeps you active throughout the day.

In addition, the Spine Twist Stretch is a better option to fix the stretch in your spine. To do this stretch, keep both your knees together and keep your upper body straight and keep both your knees on the right side of the bed. Then hold your left knee with your right hand and rotate your neck to the left. Stay at this stage for 10 seconds.

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