Buy peacock feather before Diwali and keep it in the place to get rich

Oct 21 2019 05:14 PM
Buy peacock feather before Diwali and keep it in the place to get rich

It is said that keeping peacock feather 'Morpankh' in the house is very auspicious. In such a situation you will know that there is a lot of benefit of a peacock feather and keeping it in the house brings peace and happiness. With this, today we are going to tell you some special measures of Morpunkh which can make you rich.

Remedy - After bringing some peacock father from the market on Friday, it should be kept in the place of worship. At the same place there should be a statue of Ganeshji, Lakshmi ji, Saraswati ji, Hanuman ji and Shiva. Now there after that all the Gods have to be worshiped with kumkum and rice and they should also be worshiped by putting peacock feather in front of them. Keep in mind that after this, 7 incense sticks are to be planted and 3 lamps are to be lit and out of that 2 lamps should be of ghee while the third lamp should be of oil. Now after this a simple photo frame has to be taken, but keep in mind that this frame should not be black or white. At the same time, you have to put peacock feathers kept with God inside the frame and then place it at any of these places. It is said that by doing this, a person starts getting rich.

In the living room: It is said that by keeping a peacock frame there, there is peace in the house and there is no quarrel. In the bedroom, It is said that by putting the peacock frame here, the husband will keep sweetness in the wife's relationships. Above the cupboard: Here, putting a peacock frame increases the arrival of money and there is money in the house. In the kitchen: Applying a peacock frame here results in grain.

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