Do you know about highly 'Dense Island' on the planet?

Santa Cruz del Islote (Santa Cruz Islet) is an Island located at the off coast of Colombia near Eastern Solomons. This island is called densely populated island on the planet. Its kind of shocking news, but this island measures only 0.012km.

Main languages spoken at the island is 'Santa Cruz' or 'Papuan language'. This mini island holds home over 12,00 families on just a small piece of land with the measurement of 0.012km.

Watch the real image of the Santa Cruz Islote, how people have adjusted their residence at the place:

They adjust with aquatic food and depend on the restricted livestocks. Papuan community is the majority community of this island.

Santa Cruz island's community have to travel out of island for any of the necessity. This takes much time to deal with the situations.

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