Important Vastu Tips for a Happy, Positive and Ideal Home

Sep 20 2019 05:20 PM
Important Vastu Tips for a Happy, Positive and Ideal Home

According to astrology and Vaastu Shastra, there are many such things which should be kept in mind. In such a situation, Vastu has great importance in the life of all of us and today we are going to give you some Vastu tips that you should know. Let us tell you about these Vastu tips.

1. According to Vastu, keep shoes and slippers outside the main door and it should be kept in mind that this place is not at the main door and is at some distance from it. With this, shoes and slippers should be covered because by doing this, the arrival of Lakshmi and Ganesh with good energy comes.

2. It is said that the dining table should always be kept rectangular or square because using round or any oval dining table can spoil everything.

3. It is said that placing a bamboo plant on the dining table is considered auspicious and try that while eating the head of the house, the face should be towards the east.

4. It is said that tying Ghungroo in the curtain of the entrance is auspicious and with this, a photo of Ganesha should be put inside and outside at the entrance.

5. It is said that a photo of Hanumanji's blessing posture should be placed in the north direction because it keeps away negative energy from the house and Bajrang keeps the family away from bad sufferings.

6. It is said that dried flowers should not be kept in the house and at the same time always keep in mind that broken, scraped, unnecessary items are not kept in the major parts of the house.

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