Mostly Indians uses social media for entertainment and romance

New Delhi: Most Indians prefer to talk about entertainment and romance on social media. However, when it comes to the country, then they become nationalists. This has been revealed by a report of the country's largest social media platform 'Share Chat' in the Indian language. This report has been released on Friday. 'Share Chat' released a report on the trends and topics of User Generated Content (UGC) for the year 2019, saying that its users upload the most entertainment-related content. It accounts for 23% of the total content. The second-highest post on this site is related to romance, which accounts for 14%.

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According to information, on the events like general election 2019, Pulwama attack and the return of wing commander Abhinandan, most users become nationalist and only post content like elevating national sentiment. According to the report, around August 15, people post material related to patriotism. It is worth noting that at present, there is a facility to post content in 15 Indian languages on 'Share chat' and now about six crore active users post on it every month.

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Most Hindi-speaking: Even though there is a facility to chat in 15 Indian languages, it is mostly used by Hindi speakers. Currently, the content related to Hindi is 22.5%, which is the highest. After this, Tamil is second with 19.4%. In third place is Telugu, whose content is 13%.

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