Mother-son were in a relationship with same man for 5 years, and then...
Mother-son were in a relationship with same man for 5 years, and then...

China's clever thug dated mother and son at the same time. He then took away around Rs 16.5 lakh from the duo. Only the surname of this thug has been revealed 'Song.' He fooled the mother and son for 5 years. Song was chatting with 'Jiang' and her son 'Li' on China's popular WeChat app. He is said to be a resident of China's Gansu province.

Song met his girlfriend Jiang in 2018. Song then asked Jiang if she was single. Then both of them shared numbers with each other. Within just a few days, the couple started dating each other. By the end of the year, Song also started dating his girlfriend's son Li. In fact, Song had introduced herself as a woman to Li. He used to talk to Li online.  

Meanwhile, Song expressed his love for Jiang. Song demanded Rs 8.25 lakh from Jiang in the guise of love and said that he had to pay his employees. Song also fooled Jiang's son. Song, who was talking as a girlfriend, demanded Rs 7 lakh from Li and said that his friend needed it for medicines and hospital expenses. Song cheated on the mother and son for about 5 years. Subsequently, the mother and son realised that they had been cheated. In February this year, the mother and son reported the matter to the police. The story was also shared on Weibo where thousands of people have commented. One person commented, "Am I watching any American TV drama series?" At the same time, one person wrote - I would like to call this person 'God of Online Dating.'

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