It's heartbreaking! When children abandon their parents when they need them the most

Feb 21 2021 06:05 PM
It's heartbreaking! When children abandon their parents when they need them the most

Today's era is called Kalyug. This era is the fourth and final era in the concept of four yugas. Earlier, three eras came and went, which were Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug. A lot is happening in Kalyug so that this era cannot be called good at all. Today, crimes are increasing, accidents are increasing and the biggest and shocking thing is that the children are not taking care of their parents. In older times, when a son was born, the father used to say, 'This will be the support of our old age'. Now when a son is born, there is a thought in the mind of the parents that if the son will not leave us in old age home when he grows up. In today's time, you will get parents' less in their own homes and more in old age homes. There are many old age homes in every city where children leave their parents. There are many reasons behind this and today we are going to talk about those reasons.

Wife - It is heard in many stories that the parents were thrown out of the house by the son only because the daughter-in-law was in trouble. The daughter-in-law is the one who makes the son to leave his parents to old age home. The mother who nursed him in her stomach for 9 months and then took care of him when he came into the world, raised him, fulfilled his every wish, did not sleep for him overnight. How can a son forget all this and forget his mother for this wife? The father who performed his responsibilities and sacrificed all his life for his son. For the son, the father worked in the office at night, worked during the day, strangled his desires, sent the son abroad, taught him and gave him what he asked for, but what the son did against these sacrifices....? Throws the father out of the house. How someone can be so ruthless. This is a serious matter, never think about it.

Changing mentality- Today's children may be born in middle class or poor family, but their thinking is very hi-fi. Their dreams are quite rich. Due to this, children do not give any importance to their parents. Children start considering their hard-working parents as workers. They sometimes make them servants after they grow up and get all their household work done by them. In the old age in which children should become the support of the parents, they leave them alone. The parents earned money and send their child to study abroad, but after coming from there, the child changes completely. He feels that his parents do not deserve him, where he is of high order and his parents are of middle-class thinking. They think that if we took our parents to the mall, cinema hall, party, pub, restaurant and if they did not come to eat, roam, speak in the manner, then we will get insulted. Today, the thinking of children is changing and for this reason, many times they throw their parents out of the house.

Will - This is also the main reason. These stories are not only seen in small, poor houses but also in big houses. Parents can also be seen splitting. In rich homes, the sons live together till the will is written and give great importance to their parents, but as soon as the will is divided equally among all, then the fight arises. All the children refuse to keep their parents and in the end, it is decided to leave them in the old age home. These stories sometimes make the heart tremble.

Not Giving time to children- One of the biggest reasons is not to give proper time to children. Today parents are somewhere behind in giving time to their children. All are running after money, all have to earn. Parents are unable to give time to their children due to earning more and more money. Nowadays parents do not even give time to each other. Divorces are increasing day by day which is wrong. In today's era, if children cry, they are given a mobile phone to calm them. Even if children want to play, they are given a mobile-only. Today, small children have mobiles and in order to get rid of them, parents get them to recharge the net in their mobiles so that they stay busy. After giving the mobile, the parents do not even see what the child is watching and what is it doing. If the child is taught from childhood that his parents are important to him, then perhaps their parents will be most important for the children. From childhood, parents should make a habit of children to touch the feet of elders so that they consider the parents like God and never forget them.

Need to learn from religious stories- You must have read, heard or seen the story of Shravan Kumar. A son who became a support to his parents in old age. In their old age, Shravan Kumar made his parents sit in two baskets and, with the help of a stick, hung them on his shoulder and set out for a pilgrimage. Sons like Shravan Kumar are rarely seen in this era. You must have heard about Lord Shri Ram. He became an obedient son who gave up the whole kingdom at the behest of his father and set out for exile. Krishna who killed Kans to free his parents from their imprisonment, but he did not forget the parents who raised him. In this way, you will get many such stories from which you can learn not to leave your parents, but should serve them while living with them for life.

In Kalyug, children who give grief and pain to their parents also get the result. According to Garuda Purana, children who misbehave with their parents get punished in hell. As punishment, they are run on hot land and treated as they did with their parents.

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