Mom Made Daughter Hostage So that Stepdad Can Rape...

Aug 16 2019 02:00 PM
Mom Made Daughter Hostage So that Stepdad Can Rape...

In the past, a criminal case has come to light from Alwar. In this case, a 14-year-old minor teenager, a resident of Alwar, has accused her stepfather of raping for three months in captivity. According to reports, the victim said that "her mother held her hostage in the house and threatened to kill her if she told anyone", adding that the police had said that "the girl's mother was married in a village in Pataudi area".

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About six years ago, her father passed away, on which her mother and daughter moved to a village in Alwar district. Four years ago, her mother married Jhajjar resident Rajpal and all the people started living in the village," she said, adding that "the case was revealed on August 14 when the teenager came to her aunt's house in the village of Manesar."

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She told her aunt that her stepfather had been with her since May. "She told her aunt that "when she complained to her mother, she beat her and banned her from going out of the house." The father raped her by taking her hostage inside the house," the police have now launched an investigation into the case.

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