Mother murders his son in anger, arrested

Jun 17 2020 02:14 PM
Mother murders his son in anger, arrested

Recently, the case of crime that has come up is under the City Kotwali Kanker police station of Kanker district of Bastar division. Where a mother, upset over drinking alcohol and fights, strangled her son to death. According to the information received in this case, after the murder, she informed the police about the suicide of his son in the police station to mislead. The police, including the women who have cooperated, have also been arrested. According to the information, the police say that the deceased youth Jitendra Nishad was 18 years old from Badepara Vyasakogera.

On 11 June, there was a weekly market of village Vyasakogera and on the same day, some of his relatives had come to the deceased's house. In this case, Jitendra along with his cousin Dharmendra Nishad and neighbor Dilip Netam returned home after drinking alcohol. After that, there was a debate between Jitendra and Dharmendra about something and the debate turned into a quarrel when Dharmendra's mother Sharada Nishad tried to defend. In this case, the drunken deceased Jitendra started abusing his mother Sharada who came to the rescue. Meanwhile, accused Sharada, Dharmendra Nishad's father Arjun Nishad, Dilip Singh Netam's father, late Prahlad Netam, united in anger and started beating Jitendra. After that when Jitendra became half-dead, the three strangled the deceased and hanged him by calling the police station and informed about Jitendra's suicide.

As soon as information was received in this case, the team of Kanker City Kotwali reached the spot and started investigating. The police immediately registered a case of murder and questioned Jitendra's mother Sharada in which she confessed her crime by giving full information. Now the police have registered a case of murder under sections 302, 201, 34 against accused Sharda Nishad husband Bhagirathi Nishad, Dharmendra Nishad, and Dilip Netam and arrested the three accused and sent them to jail.

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