Is this modern well developed world cutting you off from real pleasures of life?

In today's era, there are hundreds of people who suffer from depression. Depression has become like a common cold and cough infection. In fact, if we consider facts there are around 60 percent who suffer from this mental health issue. People going through a period of depression do not really realize that they are in a mental condition which is a disease. People are lost all day long in thoughts that have nothing to do with life, they think and think and think it continuously which creates an illusion in their mind that things are going to be wrong only. There overthinking becomes a habit that has no end. 

The state of mind gets totally different from reality, you see more negativity in everything around you. The mind then stops thinking about anything good even the person doesn't really enjoy the joys and happiness around himself or herself. The person then continuously thinks of ending the pain which he or she is going through. The person lives more in the past than it's present. The pain dwelling in him makes him think of ending his life so that the suffering will end by itself. The idea of suicide is not actually to die but to end the suffering to go through. But life is much bigger than what we think so ending it isn't a great solution.

Taking about the lockdown many things appeared to be new. No one ever imagined such a situation to arrive. In this lockdown, it has been taught a lot and remains to be learned for a lifetime. From my own experience, I want to share this with you. Do you know that this device 'mobile phone' in our hands is also a big reason for depression? Earlier, when the phone came into existence, people used to control this device and now it has started controlling people. Now our life has come under the control of the phone various types of apps and advertisements influence us in a very bad way. I have seen people who have become irritated staying busy in games and phones all day, their ability to bear is getting worse day by day, their anger is being ejected like a termite. The apps and social media have introduced us to the fancy world where reality doesn't exist. This is also a major reason for depression. Seeing the current situation after the lockdown people have understood the real meaning of life. All these things have made people connected them with spirituality because the busy and hectic routines of their life made them forget what they have around is nature.

Nature and spirituality are interconnected. Everyone should have some amount of spirituality in their life. There is a misconception in our society that one should move towards spirituality only at the last time of his age or old which is absolutely absurd and nonsense. In fact, in present times, only spirituality is the way that you can learn to live life. Spirituality does not mean any religion at all. Spirituality is a beautiful path in itself, on which you understand life and understand the values of life.

Think of yourself when you saw the sun rising while sitting in peace last time? When did the raindrops last felt? The rain we enjoy looking at is not mere water droplets but the life of river. What will exist without the water? You must have passed a long time, breathing simply as a source of to stay alive but have you ever listen to the breath with the eyes closed blindly? I think we should rethink the way we live. Do you really want to live life in such a lifeless manner?

There is no such thing as a destination. We are all travelers and explorers exploring wildness, happiness, or say craziness in things to make ourselves feel alive. We have to follow the paths of life so that we don't miss out on things and fall apart from the world. Bit it is only and only our own decision which path to follow and which to not. If we are unhappy with life, then there is no blame of life in it. Life never said you to live in a specific manner. If we pause and look, we will find that the truth is something else. Of course, life is bittersweet there is everything you must experience even sadness. Living sadness and letting it grow and ruin your life still remains your decision. 

The meaning of things is so much different than we think. When we are saying that life is dull and we want to cut off from such life, then in reality they are giving rise to negative thoughts. We got to live life in a manner we want to live it thinking of others and following their paths will not take us anywhere. There is a difference between living and cutting from life. Live your life your way, find your happiness and better live it like the last chance to celebrate all your sorrow and happiness. So, now will you ask yourself if you want to cut from life or celebrate it?

-Piyush Bhalse

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