Motorola's new phone to be launched with 200MP camera

Motorola Frontier smartphone has been said to be the upcoming flagship since last year. Well, it looks like the smartphone is scheduled to be introduced in July 2022. Motorola China has also officially announced the scheduled launch of a smartphone with a 200MP camera in July. The company has said in a new teaser that the 200MP camera sensor in the new device is a benchmark for image experience. So let's know a few special things about it.

Motorola Frontier will have a 200MP camera: While nothing has come up with its 200MP camera sensor so far, the Motorola Snapdragon 8 will also be seen working on the device powered by the Gen 1 chipset, which is also being called the Motorola Frontier. According to the phone's camera setup, the 200MP sensor is said to be manufactured by Samsung.

There will be the 8 K video recording from The Motorola Frontier: the sensor is able to take 12.5MP or 50MP photos using pixel binning and with which the remission algorithm. The selfie camera is rated 60MP and the device is also recording 8K videos at 30fps.

Motorola Frontier Specs: Some rumours had indicated that the Motorola Frontier has a 6.67-inch polarized screen with a 144Hz display refresh rate. Motorola Frontier's RAM/internal storage configuration is between 8GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB.

Motorola Frontier Battery: The 4,500mAh battery has also become a big part of the rumours and is supporting both wired and wireless charging. The wired charging speed is 125W while wireless charging offers between 30W and 50W. The price of the Motorola Frontier has not yet been revealed.

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