Sleeping with open mouth has side effects, know here
Sleeping with open mouth has side effects, know here

For good health, it is very important that we sleep deeply and sleep better. In fact, good sleep works to give us energy throughout the day. With this, we are able to heal any kind of problems that occur in the body during sleep at night. It is said that if there is more interference in sleep at night or if we sleep with our mouths open, then it can harm our health in a big way. Now today we are going to tell you the harm of sleeping by opening the mouth.

The harm of sleeping by opening your mouth -

These problems can occur in children - it is said that if children are breathing through the mouth, then it can cause problems like change in the texture of their face, the bad shape of the tooth, cavity, tonsil problems, slow growth, lack of concentration.

Damage to teeth - In fact, sleeping by opening your mouth can harm your teeth. Yes, sleeping in the open mouth and air inside the mouth makes the saliva dry which prevents the saliva buildup of plaque and this increases the number of unwanted bacteria in the mouth. Not only that, but it causes the teeth to deteriorate. At the same time, the lack of saliva causes the problem of cavities, infections, bad smell from the mouth, cough or soreness in sleep.

Bad breath - If you sleep with your mouth open, then the bad breath starts to smell. Yes, and this breath is also called halitosis which dries the saliva.

Increased fatigue - Sleeping with the mouth open at night reduces the flow of oxygen to your lungs. Low oxygen in the lungs causes fatigue and weakness. This makes you feel tired all day or even after sleeping.

Bursting and drying of lips - Sleeping with the opening of the mouth makes the lips dry and burst. Not only this but in addition to this, drying up the fluids of the mouth also makes it difficult to swallow food.

High BP and heart diseases - Sleeping with the mouth open creates a risk of heart attack and due to breathing through the mouth, the body is not able to get the right amount of oxygen and it starts affecting the flow of blood in the arteries. In such a situation, the lack of oxygen increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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