MP: Accident Averted due to wisdom of ASP in Gwalior
MP: Accident Averted due to wisdom of ASP in Gwalior

Gwalior: In the Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh, a woman police officer showed such understanding that a major accident was averted. In fact, the wisdom of Hitika Vasal, ASP here, saved both the young woman's life and her life. In the whole case, ASP says that the girl, who was disturbed by her father's excessive drinking and repeated scolding in the house, had left home with the intention of committing suicide. Seeing him alone in a deserted area in the middle of the night, some boys followed him on the road. Meanwhile, police officials instructed the girl and the family members were called and handed over to her.

What is the whole matter- The whole matter is of The Stop Police Station area of Gwalior district. Hitika Vasal had gone for police checking around 1 pm last Sunday. Meanwhile, when she had reached the river gate area, she found a 20-22-year-old girl in a bad condition. Around 4 to 5 youths were chasing her during that time. Seeing this, the police officer stopped the car and questioned the girl but she was not saying anything. Meanwhile, the youths who were chasing the police car fled the spot after seeing it stopping.

Amidst all this, the woman police officer explained to the girl in the car and then the girl told the woman police officer to leave the house due to the trouble in her house and leave the house with the desire to commit suicide. After knowing all this, they immediately counselled the young girl. Police officials said the girl hails from the Laxmanpura area of The Stop and the girl's father often used to drink and beat her up. That is why she was depressed. The police have now called the family members of the victim to the police station and explained after which the girl has been handed over to the family members.


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