As soon as Parul Sahu joins Congress, Kamal Nath says "Shivraj carries coconut in his pocket"

Sep 18 2020 01:24 PM
As soon as Parul Sahu joins Congress, Kamal Nath says

Bhopal: The preparation for the by-election in Madhya Pradesh is going on, but before that, there are many issues and things that are shocking. According to the information received, former BJP MLA Parul Sahu has given a major setback to BJP before the by-election. She has intended to accompany Congress. According to information received, former CM Kamal Nath made Parul Sinha a member in the Congress office.

Now, it is almost certain that she will contest on the Congress ticket and at the same time, it is also being imposed that Parul may be fielded against Minister Govind Singh Rajput. On this occasion, Kamal Nath attacked Shivraj Singh and said, "Parul's father was our good companion. Parul has met Kamal Nath at Bhopal last Thursday night.

In the past, Parul had defeated Govind Singh Rajput as the BJP candidate in the assembly elections. Now, when she has joined the Congress, she has also made a big statement after joining the Bhopal Congress. In the statement, she said, "The voice of the people will be heard. My fight will be against fear and arrogance. Kamal Nath said on the occasion that Parul Sahu's entry in congress is like a homecoming, the entire family has been in the Congress".

He said Shivraj Singh Chauhan carries coconut in his pocket. In addition, Kamal Nath said, "BJP has tarnished the state. I am ashamed to go to Delhi, people say that it is from the same state where everybody is ready to sell themselves. What has been done with our democracy will be decided in the election. Youngsters and farmers are suffering in this state." 

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