Red ladyfinger sold for Rs 800 a kg, farmer became prosperous
Red ladyfinger sold for Rs 800 a kg, farmer became prosperous

Indore: Today, Farmers of India are trapped in selecting crops including potato, Bajra, wheat, and sugarcane. At the same time, some small farmers produce vegetables. Meanwhile, MP's Bhopal farmer Mishralal Rajput is making headlines. Because this farmer has given an example of cultivation to all the farmers by cultivating red ladyfinger. This farmer worked to promote new cultivation for the farmers around him by presenting red ladyfinger.

Many of the same people are coming to see the cultivation of red ladyfinger and many farmers are also taking information from them. Because the price of red ladyfinger has surprised everyone, it has been priced many times more than the normal ladyfinger. The price of red ladyfinger in the market is rs.300 to Rs.400 per 250 gm/500 gm. It is clear that this farmer has also got the price of red ladyfinger at Rs.800 per kg in the market.

The same red ladyfinger is getting much higher than the normal okra. There is also a very good test of red ladyfinger in food and it is also loved by the people. Bhopal farmer Mishralal Rajput had gone to Banaras for training to cultivate red ladyfinger. In Banaras, Mishralal Rajput had learned the method of cultivation of the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Centre Red ladyfinger. The farmer Mishralal had brought a red ladyfinger seed of Rs.2400 from Banaras itself. After the success of this crop, the farmers in the vicinity are also planning to harvest red ladyfinger.

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