The father is madly in love with the son's tuition teacher, son shot himself with pistol

Jun 23 2021 08:44 PM
The father is madly in love with the son's tuition teacher, son shot himself with pistol

It is often said that love does not happen by looking at age. Something similar happened to a doctor in Indore. The doctor, 20 years younger than him, fell in love with his son's tuition teacher. He was preparing to marry the teacher in secret from his family, but the family did not allow it to happen. On the other hand, the doctor's son committed suicide after the incident. Police are on the lookout for the entire case.

This is the entire case of Kampel in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. It is said that the doctor Jitendra Dangi alias Jitendra Pindoria, who lives here, had unsuccessfully tried to remarry his son's teacher three days ago. Now his son has suicided. Police are investigating the accident as suspicious.

On June 19, 50-year-old Dr Jitendra Pindori dangi was marrying his son's teacher, 20 years younger, at Vewach Garden on Khandwa Road in Indore. Even before the wedding took place, the doctor's family and relatives stormed and stopped the marriage.  This also led to the assault of the teacher, who had complained to Bhanwarkuan police station. On the complaint of the woman teacher in the case, the doctor's son Yashwant was booked and sent to jail. The son had escaped from jail only on Tuesday and then shot himself with a pistol between 3 pm and 4 p.m.. The doctor's family also cremated the body of the son within two hours citing a heart attack as the cause of his son's death.

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