MP girl's heart came on Pakistani boy, took this big step to meet her boyfriend

Rewa: A teacher from Tarati village in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh has been arrested from Attari border in Amritsar while crossing the border in love. A passport and visa have been recovered from the girl. Since this case came to light, The village of Tarati has been in the news. The name of the girl who is going to Pakistan is Fiza Khan, aged 23 years. After doing his BSC, he is a teacher in a private school in Rewa.

The girl had fled home on June 14 to go to Pakistan. He had made a passport in March about three months ago, which was issued from Bhopal. Fiza Khan was issued her visa for 90 days on June 22. The girl is the eldest of two sisters and a brother. The family said that their daughter Fiza Khan has been a very promising student. She teaches at the convent school in Ghoghar, Rewa.  

The family is not aware of the girl falling in love with the Pakistani boy. The girl's father runs a grocery store, while the younger sister and brother are studying. The girl's father said that he was not aware of the fact that when the daughter made a passport to go to Pakistan. After daughter Fiza went missing on June 14, in the evening, there was a call on Facebook Messenger on the son's mobile, but there was no phone call. Seeing the name Dilshad Khan, he got suspicious, after which he went straight to The City Kotwali and informed about it. When the police traced the mobile phone with the help of a cyber cell, it was found that the mobile number belonged to the neighbouring country of Pakistan. The girl's passport was also missing, then the family members issued a look-out notice. The girl also had a visa to go to Pakistan, but before she left for Pakistan, a look-out circular in her name was issued and she was arrested. The same investigation revealed that the girl had been in touch with the Pakistani boy for a long time. At the same time, Fiza Khan had shared the matter of the affair with the Pakistani boy with two people, to whom she also showed a photo of Dilshad Khan.

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