MP govt presents budget amid Amid Congress's outrage

BHOPAL: The Congress protested the start of the third day of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly's budget session on Wednesday. Congress MLAs began protesting in the House shortly after Speaker Girish Gautam allowed Finance Minister Jagdish Deora to read the budget for 2022-23.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who is also the House leader, stepped up and demanded that the Finance Minister read the budget to the opposition. "This budget affects everyone in society, including children, women, employees, and others, not just MLAs. They want to hear what the budget has to say. They want to know what their government has done and is planning to do in the future. It would be unjust if the opposition refused to allow the budget to be presented "Chouhan explained.

Speaker Girish Gautam advised opposition leader Kamal Nath to tell Congress MLAs not to cause a ruckus in the House.

"We all know how crucial the annual budget is, and it is set to be delivered today. The state's future development is determined by the annual budget. People are curious about it. I would advise Congress leaders to maintain decorum in the House of Representatives "Gautam remarked.

The Congress MLAs, on the other hand, ignored the requests and continued their protest. Meanwhile, the speaker instructed Finance Minister Jagdish Deora to introduce the budget. As soon as the Finance Minister began presenting the budget, the Congress MLAs rushed to the Speaker's dias and began shouting slogans. Despite objections from Congress MLAs, the budget presentation went on.

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