Honey trap case: High court will monitor investigation in this case

Indore: The High Court will now oversee the investigation of MP's famous Honey Trap case. The High Court has agreed to oversee the investigation while hearing a petition. The court has asked the SIT to give all the information related to this case in 15. Hearing Manohar Dalal's PIL, the court repeatedly expressed its displeasure over the change of SIT chief. In the absence of a satisfactory response from the government, the court directed not to change the head of the SIT until the next hearing on December 2.

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The investigating officer of this case also cannot be transferred outside the state without the permission of the court. The court directed SIT Chief Director General (GD) Rajendra Kumar to send the seized CDs, mobiles, pen drives and other items to Hyderabad lab for forensic examination during the investigation. If the Madhya Pradesh government created an SIT to investigate this sensitive matter, then its first chief IPS was D. Srinivas Verma, but he left the post. The DGP then appointed Sanjeev Shami, a fast-tracker IPS. After his removal, Rajendra Kumar was given the responsibility. The names of several senior officials including BJP and Congress leaders had come up in this famous case.

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