MP: My Traffic My Safety App for Women's Safety Launched

Gwalior: Continuous work is being done in Madhya Pradesh to improve women's safety. Here the CM Shivraj is trying to protect women by engaging in different safety measures. The state police have now launched a new initiative. In fact, Madhya Pradesh police's My Traffic My Safety App has been launched in Gwalior last Sunday night. This app has been launched by Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra in Gwalior Police Control Room. "My Traffic My Safety App in Gwalior city will play an important role in strengthening women's safety," he said.

The auto-taxis associated with urban transport vehicles will be registered in this app at this time. Yes, and the QR code installed in them will provide immediate protection to women. Not only that, but the location, travel history, and data of the vehicle will be present before the police. My Traffic My Safety was first started from Gwalior city. Yes and in this app, the police will register all the 9,000 auto taxis in the city. The city's 3,000 auto taxis are said to have been registered in the first phase and these passenger vehicles are equipped with GPS and QR coding systems.

Here, when women passengers sit in autos or taxis, they will scan the QR code on their mobile phones, and the app will provide the complete auto-taxi information on the mobile. Not only that, the woman can send it to her family and the woman can send a message to the police through the alarm of this app in view of the danger situation. Talking about this, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said, "Our sisters and daughters will feel safe through my traffic my safety app. There will be fear in criminal elements in autos and taxis after being registered in the app. At the same time, illegal auto-taxis plying in the city will also be easily caught.'' At the same time, Narottam Mishra also said, 'After the success of the initiative in Gwalior, the app will be launched in other metros of the state, i.e., across the state.'

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