MP: Black fungus found in dengue patient, raised concerns among health authorities

Jabalpur: A large number of black fungus cases were reported amidst the second wave of corona. More from our correspondent: "With the increase in dengue cases, the risk of black fungus has once again come to the fore. In fact, a similar case has come to light in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. According to reports, a person suffering from dengue has shown symptoms of black fungus, the first such case in the state but has raised concerns. The young man is said to have had pus in the lower part of both his eyes while his platelets are normal.

It is now being said that the pus will be removed from under the victim's eyes through a laser operation. Doctors say he is surprised that a black fungus case has come to light after dengue. Let me tell all of you that Madhya Pradesh is also witnessing the scourge of dengue these days. In the meantime, the fear of black fungus is also beginning to haunt us. Recently, Dr. Kavita Sachdeva said that 'the dengue patient came to the hospital a week ago. The 40-year-old stayed at home and underwent treatment from a nearby doctor. But later his eyes began to red. Even the ophthalmologist could not understand anything. After which he went to another doctor. From there he was referred to the ENT department. '

Further, Dr. Sachdeva said, 'The patient had earlier undergone dengue treatment. He was also given black fungus medicine during this period. Now his dengue is completely fine. His platelets are also normal and will be operated upon after examination. Doctors said, 'The patient did not even have a corona or have sugar. Yet, such a case has come to light. The Black Fungus was supposed to be fully recovered by August, but now the matter has once again raised concerns.''

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