Here's the reason why PM Modi choose the time of 09: 09 minutes to light diyas
Here's the reason why PM Modi choose the time of 09: 09 minutes to light diyas

PM Modi is taking many tough steps to prevent coronavirus in India. He has asked the people of the country to light a lamp at 9 pm on Sunday night. He asked the public to turn off all the lights of his house for 9 minutes on April 5 at 9 pm and light a lamp, candle, flashlight or flashlight of his phone while standing in the balcony or door. Let's know what astrology says

Amazing combination of numerology ...

Number 9 by numerology is coming on five April 2020. Nine o'clock

Scheduling is a symbol of completion and auspiciousness of work. Because the number 9

Are considered whole numbers. Incidentally, we can also say that on April 3 at 9 am

The Prime Minister called the country. Prime Minister's address was also only of 9 minutes. To address

Date 3. 4. 20 (3 + 4 + 2 + 0) = 9. The day of April 5 is the sum of (5 + 4) 9. Time night 9

9 min. In fact, 9 is inseparable. Add 9 any number of times in 9, the sum of the numbers will be 9.

Apart from this, according to Kashi's Panchang, on Saturday 5 April at 9 pm, in the Chaitra month Shukla Paksha, on the date of Triodashi, Libra Lagna and Leo in the Purva Phalguni constellation will be in transit. At that time there is also Mr. Anang Trayodashi. Ananga means Mars. To protect the life and property of the general public, for the health, the conjunction of Saturn of Mars in the fourth house and with Jupiter is an important factor in which the darkness of Saturn can be done by increasing the energy of Mars. To increase the morale of the general public, the moon, sitting in the sign of the Sun, the Sun, will get strength from the burning lamps. According to Jyotirvid Rajesh Shukla, during that period, the Sun will be in Revathi Nakshatra and the Moon is being formed in Purvaphalguni i.e. all the destroyer Ravi Yoga.

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