A man went to urinate in the middle of the night, lost his senses as soon as he came inside

Jul 20 2021 11:06 AM
A man went to urinate in the middle of the night, lost his senses as soon as he came inside

Dhar: Crime cases are on the rise in Madhya Pradesh day by day. Now, the case that has come to light is of edge. In fact, it was difficult for a person to get up at night and urinate. In fact, six unidentified miscreants entered his house at night and cleaned his hands on cash worth 1.20 lakh rupees. Not only that, but the miscreants also attacked the family members. The victim has now lodged a complaint with the police in the case and the police are investigating. The entire case is said to be of the Rajgarh-Kushi route at Rajgarh in Dhar district. It is the house of 65-year-old Dule Singh's father Laxman Singh.

Dule Singh was sleeping in this house with his wife, daughter, and two grandchildren. The power went out at around 1.30 pm the same day, on which Dule Singh came out of his house to urinate. After that, as soon as Dule Singh came back inside, unknown miscreants knocked on the door. When the door did not open, the miscreants broke the door and after that entered the house and beat up the family members a lot. After that 6 unknown miscreants who entered the house cleaned their hands on the cash of one lakh 20 thousand rupees kept in the house and fled from the spot.

In this case, 21-year-old Lokendra Jadon, grandson of Dule Singh, says, 'All the 6 miscreants were masked. They beat me and my maternal grandfather, beat me and even with an iron screwdriver. The miscreants also broke two doors in the middle of the house. The miscreants had first entered the back room of the house and fled with the money kept in the cupboard inside the house.

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