Panna: In excavation of borewell, flames came out instead of water!

Panna: A big news has come from the Panna district of Madhya Pradesh. Excavations for borewells were going on in the premises of a school here and the machine was engaged in this work, but in the meantime, the water did not come out of the borewell pit, but the flames started rising as the gas came out. Later, the fire was somehow controlled with the help of nitrogen gas. The secondary school in the Jhutka area of Gunour tehsil was reportedly being excavated with the help of a boring machine for drinking water.

Meanwhile, flames suddenly started coming out of the excavated pit and the fire soon turned nasty. Meanwhile, there was a stampede among the people present there. In the meantime, the driver of the machine somehow came out safely. The flames reportedly continued to rise and the flames also seized the boring machine. The villagers were surprised and then the villagers somehow tried to douse the fire. They started pouring water from the buckets but the fire could not be controlled.

A fire brigade was also called after that. Nitrogen gas was reportedly arranged when the fire was not brought under control after several hours of work. On the matter, administrative officials say that how the fire broke out is being examined. At the same time, there is a possibility that there may be natural gas or other flammable material reserves present at that place.

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