Shooting of film and serial will start soon in this state

Jul 06 2020 02:18 PM
Shooting of film and serial will start soon in this state

Bhopal: Due to the lockdown, the shoots of the film were also closed. But now shooting is going to start again in Madhya Pradesh. Once again, shooting of films, serials and web series will begin soon at the beautiful locations of the state, for this, advisory has been issued by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Corporation for the shooting of films and serials.

In fact, Additional Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, Sonia Meena told that in this advisory, rules have been made according to the guidelines issued by the Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh. However, this advisory will also be amended along with the revised guidelines from time to time by the government. This advisory is given in the public domain. For shooting, many films and serial producers-directors have been seeking permission to shoot for a long time, they can now start shooting by following the guidelines given by the tourism board.

Along with informing the local district administration, following the instructions given separately, the shooting can be of a resume. Certainly, the commencement of shooting in the state is going to give a boost to economic activities, which will give employment to the local people. Apart from this, the Film Facilitation Cell of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has issued advisory guidelines "To re-start" film shooting in Madhya Pradesh 'A' will be mandatory to fill.

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