MP: Innocent crying overnight, father's body hanging from snare!

Vidisha: A shocking case has recently come to light from the Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, here a father (Pradeep) hanged himself in front of his 2-year-old daughter late last Sunday night. The entire case is said to be from the Buxar area under the Kotwali police station. The deceased has been identified as 38-year-old Pradeep Ahirwar. The man was reportedly hanging for more than 12 hours and at the same time, his innocent 2-year-old daughter Ronak cried alone in the same house. Yesterday, Sunday morning, when the brother of the deceased reached home and the door did not open, he doubted.

While he continued to hear daughter Raunak, 'the brother peered through the window, Pradeep was hanging from the nooses. Seeing all this, the ground slipped under the feet of the family members. The brother of the deceased Pradeep, after seeing all this, informed the police after which the door was broken in the presence of the police team along with the neighbours and the innocent girl was pulled out and the body of the deceased was taken off the snare.' The entire area is said to be shocked to hear about the hanging and the innocent 2-year-old girl being in the same house alone overnight.

In the entire case, the uncle of the deceased said, "Pradeep's wife Kiran died of corona in May, after which Pradeep fell alone. He lived alone in the house with the innocent girl.'' Police said, Pradeep, who works as a farming farmer, took such a big step after being disturbed by the rearing of the innocent girl and the departure of his wife, though the police are still closely investigating the entire case.

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