Woman kills ex-boyfriend for marrying someone else, accused arrested along with sister

Jun 13 2021 08:46 AM
Woman kills ex-boyfriend for marrying someone else, accused arrested along with sister

Jabalpur: The corona havoc in Madhya Pradesh has now subsided but in the meantime crime cases have been on the rise. Jabalpur police have recently arrested ex-girlfriend and his sister in connection with the death of a youth. The cause of the murder is said to have been cleared now. The girlfriend was upset with her boyfriend's marriage with another and that led to her to kill ex-boyfriend to death along with her sister. Jabalpur police removed the curtain from the case last Saturday.

The case was of Sonu Patel murder case which has now been cleared. Rural ASP Shivesh Singh Baghel informed about the matter and said, "A skeleton was found in the forests of Hargarh on May 24. The skeleton fragments were scattered in many parts, making it seem as if the animals had eaten the corpse. Based on the post mortem report and FSL report, it came to light that the man was murdered." He further said that "during the investigation of the case, it was found that a youth named Sonu Patel had gone missing four days after his marriage. So his family was called and identified and it was found that the body belonged to Sonu Patel.''

He said that when the police questioned the family members, it was found that Sonu was in an affair with a girl named Madhu before marriage. In the case, the wife of the deceased disclosed to the police that Madhu was upset with Sonu's marriage and had told Sonu's wife about her relationship. Not only that, the wife of the deceased also told the police during interrogation that she had received a call from her ex-girlfriend Madhu on the day her husband disappeared. The whole matter was then cleared and the police took Madhu into custody and questioned her and she confessed.

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