Mr Bajaj finally enters the life of Anurag-Prerna; here's the proof!

Jun 20 2019 12:46 PM
Mr Bajaj finally enters the life of Anurag-Prerna; here's the proof!

Viewers of TV's very popular show KZK2 are quite happy these days as Karan Grover Singh's entry into the serial has been in the last Monday and everyone is fond of him. Karan is seen in the role of Mr Bajaj in this serial, and the way he has hit a powerful entry, everyone is convinced and has liked him from his look to the style.

Mr Bajaj hasn't met with Anurag and Prerna on the show so far, but you'll be surprised to know that Prerna has gone crazy for Mr Bajaj.



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In fact, Erica Fernandes, who plays Prerna, has already shared a video on her Instagram account in which she appears to be talking about Mr Bajaj and you can see how she's getting addicted. You can watch this video showing Erica on the same set of Kasauti and giving information to viewers to watch online episodes of Erica's KZK2 in this video.

Now, it is clear that even if Prerna is shocked by Bajaj's arrival, Erica is very happy with his entry and Mr Bajaj will soon try to grab the entire business of Anurag Basu.

At the same time, he will take away Prerna from Anurag and insist on Prerna for marriage, but then he will put a deal in front of Anurag and Prerna and under the deal, he will promise to return the entire business of Anurag in return for marrying her. Now we have to see what happens next..?

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