Mr. Suresh Mansharamani, A 63 Year Young Man, Mentoring The People & Transforming Their Lives By His OKR Strategies and Networking Platform Tajurba

Though there are numerous business trainers in India, very few of them have real business experience, have done it for themselves, and understand how to grow any business!

Mr. Suresh Mansharamani, a serial entrepreneur and India's only OKR coach, is one of them. His proven techniques have helped 1000's of business owners grow their revenue and improve their life by 100x. His knowledge and wisdom, as well as real-life business experience, helped people transform their businesses.

At the age of 60, when most people consider retiring and having a rest, this man endeavored to do something unexpected in order to leave a legacy. He thought of mentoring young individuals who he considered his grandchildren and are trying to succeed as entrepreneurs. He thought of becoming a grandfather to young entrepreneurs to guide them, share their experience, and knowledge so that they too can become successful entrepreneurs. and can contribute to the Indian economy.

He believes that if we want to change the nation, we must change the youths of our country, because as you know, India is a young country with an average age of 25. This means that more than 50% of our nation's people is young and are under the age of 25, and the only way to change the country is to change the youngsters, and that is why he is helping youths and expressing his real life tajurba, which he learned from the best school: the school of life.

So many young entrepreneurs are rising and achieving new heights under his guidance. Through his new enterprise Tajurba, he not only provides guidance and mentorship, but also resources, an environment, and a community for entrepreneurs to succeed.

You see, the number one quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to develop relations with individuals; the more people you know, the more relationships you can build, and the more business you can get. Mr. Suresh Mansharamani has made it simple for entrepreneurs to do so through his enterprise Tajurba, which is one of the fastest networking companies in India which helps business owners learn and connect with their potential customers. People can now quickly network with potential customers and drive revenue!

Since the day he started his business, he has been using tools and techniques to accomplish his financial, business, and personal goals, and this is how he has become so successful!

Later, he also found that all of the big companies, such like Amazon, Google, and Walmart, have been using this strategy in order to increase revenue and grow a successful company. However, in India, no business owners, corporations, SMB and MSMEs are doing it and they are not even aware of it.

As a result, he began to teach these strategies to Indian entrepreneurs. This method is known as OKR! “Objective Key Results”: the technique that all the global giants have been secretly implementing, and it is now time for our Indian entrepreneurs to use these methods to achieve all kinds of personal and professional goals, and with over 5000 entrepreneurs already seen massive results by implementing this strategy. some of his tajurba community's businesses have achieved 100x growth since the day they started implementing this strategy!

He has also written over 5 books on various topics such as “Specific Measurable Results: Objective Key Results”, "Own The Stage," "Closing Your Sales," "Super Power Networker," and others. Many people have gained incredible information as a result of his books!

In an interview, he conveyed his life-changing lesson as a grandfather to all the young people!

He stated that currently, all young entrepreneurs believe that by reading, “Think and Grow Rich” and following the laws of attraction, they will achieve all of their dreams and can become rich, and they are simply thinking, thinking, thinking...No actionable steps or anything, which he strongly opposes.

He suggested that people should not only think but also take massive actions to accomplish their goals! So, instead of thinking, take massive actions!

His vision for the next 5 to 7 years is to make India a superpower by making a country a home of entrepreneurs, a community of 1 crore entrepreneurs under his new venture Tajurba, so that they can get funding, skills, mentoring, community commerce and everything which they need to grow a business.

When he was 38, he received an award from the President for his successful venture and listing the company in the stock market, which was oversubscribed 300 times. Now it is his dream to create more entrepreneurs like him and even better than him who can receive the awards one day from the President and the Prime Minister and make him proud!

At the age of 63, when most people would consider retiring, this man wants to transform the generations of young entrepreneurs and share his tajurba.

We really admire his dedication, commitments and the vision which he has. He is such an inspiration!

At the last he said “it ain’t over until I win and everybody around me wins”  - Suresh Mansharamani

You Can Connect With Him

website: - Suresh Mansharamani

Linkedin - Suresh Mansharamani Linkedin

Youtube - Suresh Mansharamani Youtube

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