Policeman's son Mubarak Ali kills two pregnant cows, farmer gets chopped head

Chennai: A farmer named Ari's cow was killed in a neighbourhood in Gudiatham, Tamil Nadu, after two pregnant cows went missing last Sunday. The Comun Report has given information in this regard. Ari had tied cows to the shed outside his house. After the cows could not be traced, Ari went in search for them. The farmer searched for the cows from their footprints to The City of Qad-e-Millat.

Since it rained a while ago, it was easy to find out through the footprints. However, as Ari was chasing the footprints, he went some distance and found the cow's leg and chopped head. Ari along with others from the village staged a protest against thieves and butchers on Chittoor Road, resulting in an hour-long blockade. On receiving the information, Deputy Superintendent Sreedharan, City Police Inspector Srinivasan, Taluka Inspector Suresh Babu, Deputy Inspectors Silbarasan and Shivchandran rushed to the spot to disperse the mob and promised to arrest the culprits.

Ari later lodged an official complaint with the Gudiatham taluka police and Inspector Suresh Babu ordered an inquiry into the matter. Investigation revealed that Mubarak Ali, the 28-year-old son of a police officer from Chittoor Gate area of Gudiatham, along with his 36-year-old brother Rafique, was involved in the theft and slaughter of pregnant cows, the owner of a butcher's shop in the same area. Mubarak Ali has been arrested while police are on the lookout for rafique who is absconding.

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