Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a chain smoker

25th December is the birth anniversary of Pak founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah today i.e. Pak people are still in a dilemma over many things related to Jinnah, popularly known as Quaid-e-Azam. At the same time, the public has also not been made aware of the many things related to Jinnah's life.

Confusion on Jinnah being secular?:- Jinnah, a camp in Pak, is called a secular person. He says Jinnah was willing to make Pak a secular country.

- The personality of kattarpanthi khema Jinnah has also been termed as kattar muslim. He argues that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was created in the name of religion.

People hardly know these things related to Jinnah...
- Jinnah grew up in a secular environment. Though a Muslim, he never even performed haj pilgrimage.
- None of his biographies mention going to the mosque and praying and fasting.
- His wife Ratan Bai used to make pork for Jinnah. This meat is considered haram in Islam. He was a chain smoker. He also used to drink alcohol at parties.

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