'Cow can't protect itself, we have to do it,' Shaktimaan's request to people

Mukesh Khanna, the lead character of the show 'Shaktimaan,' is seen in the headlines day in and day out for his controversial statements. Mukesh often gives his opinion on the issues of the country. Now this time he has expressed his anger at the cow slaughters. In fact, he has released a video and expelled all his anger. You can hear, in this video, Mukesh Khanna said, 'Are we waiting for Kalki? Kalki will come and save our cow mother? When the mothers and sisters of your house are in trouble, do you wait for the police to come and save them or save them if the military comes? When you don't wait for anyone for them, the cows are ours and your mother. Why do you need to tell anyone?'


He further wrote: 'Why are cows eaten openly? killed. Cuts and exported. Some people get used to eating cows from outside countries. Such people say that cow meat is good. You should be ashamed. Some people do it because it is their business. Selling cow meat abroad earns them millions of crores.' He further said, "Just as the soul of Bhishma Pitamaha is considered sacred, so is the soul of the cow mother.''

At the same time, Mukesh has appealed to the government to declare the cow as a national animal. In fact, he said in the video, 'Our national animal is a lion, but it can protect itself. The cow cannot. The cow looks at its devotees with a scare to go ahead and protect them. No one would dare to cut them.' He has also written a long wide post that people are liking.

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