'Making statements is not terrorism, but cutting throat is..,' says Naqvi on Nupur Sharma

New Delhi: Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has openly expressed his views on the ongoing Nupur Sharma controversy and radicalisation in the country. Naqvi has said about the gruesome incident in Udaipur that this incident which took place in Udaipur or elsewhere is not acceptable at all. We are not saying that the issue is of Nupur Sharma. No one has justified what Nupur Sharma said, but that doesn't mean you will cut someone's throat.

The Union Minister further said that this is not an Islamic country, this is Hindustan, and it is a secular country. We are not justifying Nupur's statement. But, slitting the throat is terrorism and making statements is not terrorism. To put corpses in front of the innocent is terrorism. I am saying that what she said is absolutely wrong, not justifying Nupur. No one can accept it, but it can't be that you keep cutting throats.

He reminded that, have you forgotten Hijab Horror Commotion? Hijab horror ruckus was done in a well-planned manner and who jumps in that hijab horror ruckus, al-Qaeda jumps, Taliban jumps and tries to lock down the education and progress of Muslim girls. In such a situation, the people of our country also jump into that dispute. The first two leaders of the Grand Old Party (Congress) of our country jump in front of anyone wearing a bikini, wearing this, wearing that, let them wear.

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