Multi-factor authentication to generate USD 27 bn globally for operators

London: In 2022, the termination of SMS communications connected to multi-factor authentication will produce USD27 billion for mobile operators. According to a research released on Tuesday, this is up from USD25 billion in 2021.

According to Juniper Research, rising demand for digital service providers to provide secure authentication that decreases the risk of data breaches and protects user identity will fuel this 5% growth. "Automating traffic detection is critical for operators since we predict multi-factor authentication traffic to expand to 2.1 billion messages by 2027," said Keith Breed, a co-author of the Research.

"In the past, SMEs have rarely invested in secure messaging. However, over the next five years, increasing demand to build higher security for users will drive adoption among SMEs and boost worldwide traffic "Breed was included. Multiple credentials are combined in multi-factor authentication to verify a person or transaction. This involves sending an SMS to a user's unique phone number with a one-time password or code.

The new study recommends that operators take advantage of the growing demand for multi-factor authentication SMS traffic by using firewalls to monitor and detect SMS traffic utilised for multi-factor authentication.

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