Girl scared to stroll in London park after 'attacked by 100 rats which bit her legs and ran up her body'

There are many claims made all over the world. Some claims are shocking, while some claims spoil the mind. Now, the recent case that has come to light is from London. A woman living here has sensationally claimed to have attacked herself by more than 100 rats. In fact, recently the woman claimed that the rats attacked her while walking in the park and crushed her hands and feet. The woman then instructed people not to go to the park at night.

According to an upcoming news item, Susan Treftb, 43, who lives in London, was walking around 9 pm on July 19 at Blondin Park in Northfields, Illing. Meanwhile, he caught sight of hundreds of rats roaming in the grass below. Susan was terrified at the sight of the rat and the mice attacked together before she could leave the park. Now about the matter, Susan said, 'I've never seen so many rats together before. They must be more than 100 rats. I felt like I was going to get sick. Many of these rats were crawling on my feet. I was trying to get them off the foot. But because of the darkness, it was difficult to see where the rats were coming from. The rats were crushing my feet.'

At the same time, Susan added, 'I didn't know who I would ask for help now. I have never heard anyone fall prey to such an incident. But now I want to ask all the people to avoid going to places like parks at night. In this case, the Eling Council spokesperson says, "Rats usually come to the park because of the filth and the leftovers left for the animals. So, we should not do it.''

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