Mumbai: Two health workers left patient at mortuary gate, suspended

May 09 2021 09:26 AM
Mumbai: Two health workers left patient at mortuary gate, suspended

Mumbai: Two health workers have been recently expelled by the BMC in Mumbai. In fact, a video of KEM Hospital Gate in Mumbai went viral yesterday. In that video, two health workers had left an elderly patient at the hospital gate. The entire matter is said to be at 9 pm last Friday. Manish Raul, who lives near KEM Hospital, had noticed that "a ward boy was leaving the patient on the road.''

In this case, Manish Raul says that "the patient was alive and without a mask. He couldn't walk. Manish said he had made a video of the patient lying near gate number 6 (mortuary gate). After some time Manish made another video in which two ward boys come and take the patient to the hospital from the mortuary gate.'' A statement has been issued by the administration on the entire incident stating, "The unidentified patient was referred to the surgeon on the ground floor but the health workers left the patient outside the hospital after which both the health workers working on the contract have been expelled.''

The incident was captured on CCTV and two health workers were then expelled. The patient found in the CCTV was admitted to KEM Hospital for treatment. He was kept in room no. 4-A under the supervision of a resident doctor. The patient complained of abdominal pain. The case is said to have asked a surgeon to send him to the EASR ground floor for his consultant. The work was entrusted to two health workers. They both neglected and left him at the hospital gate.

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