Private travel agency owner's five buses on fire over unpaid dues

A Mumbai-based person who worked as a driver in the travel agency blew up five of his buses to take revenge from the owner of the same agency. The Mumbai police took the driver into custody on Saturday. He will be produced in court on Sunday. The case has been filed in the MHB police station. The arrested person has been identified as Ajay Saraswat of 24 years.

According to police officials, five buses of the Atmaran travel agency were blown up in a month. The first incident took place on December 24, 2020 when 3 buses blew up. Similarly, on 21st January 2021, two more buses were found burnt. The police were apprehensive as to why only the self-aram agency buses were catching fire. Earlier, the policemen were told that the buses had to be repaired by the battery, perhaps because of their fire. But in a gap of one month, the burning of five buses in two such incidents seemed unusual to the police.

The owner of the travel agency expressed doubts over one of his employees who was a bus driver. There was a tussle between the owner and the driver on the issue of payment. The travel agency owner told the police that he needed drivers at the time of the corona epidemic, at the same time Ajay Saraswat had worked for only ten days. While running Ajay's bus, there was an accident in Goa which caused great damage to the bus.

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