Tailor hid mobile in the trial room, recorded women's while changing clothes

Feb 11 2020 02:00 PM
Tailor hid mobile in the trial room, recorded women's while changing clothes

The crime case that has recently come up is from the Lokhandwala area of Andheri, Mumbai. Where a hidden camera is found in a changing room in a tailor's shop. Tailor used to record the objectionable videos of women with the help of this hidden camera and a woman complained to the police when she saw this camera. The police have now arrested the man. In this case, senior police inspector Dayanand Bangar told that the police is currently investigating the matter further. In the Andheri Lokhandwala area, accused Shahnaz Sajjad Hussain owns the Simran Ladies Tailoring shop.

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The woman was given the address of this tailor by a friend and the complainant woman gave the cloth to this tailor on February 2 to sew. The woman was supposed to get these clothes on 9 February. At the same time, on Sunday, February 9, the woman reached Tailor in the afternoon to get clothes, tailor asked her to check the fitting of the clothes.

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After that when the woman went to change clothes in the trial room, she saw a plastic hanging in the trial room. When the woman removed the plastic, she showed the camera hidden in the trial room. A mobile was hidden in the trial room and when the woman checked the mobile, she saw some objectionable pictures. The woman's friends and family have handed over the accused to the police station.

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