Mohit Kamboj furious at Malik

Mumbai: Nawab Malik has made several shocking revelations so far in the Aryan Khan drug case. He is accusing several people one after the other. Mohit Kamboj has now responded to his allegations. Mohit recently held a press conference and in it, he said, 'I myself mentioned a bearded man. He is a bearded Kashif Khan.'

At the same time, Mohit further said, "What is Asif Khan's relationship with Minister Aslam Sheikh who was repeatedly asking him to come on a cruise. The fourth name in the Lalit Hotel was Nawab with wine, Shabaab and Kebabs. What is the relationship between Chinku Pathan and Sameer Khan?'' Nawab Malik revealed this. Nawab Malik said I never met Sunil Patil but he had received a call from Sunil Patil. He himself has confessed in the press conference. I have never been to Lalit hotel in the last 5 years.

With this, Mohit Kamboj alleged, 'Where did the property worth 1400 crores come to Ajit Pawar, this Nawab Malik should clarify. Nawab Malik should clarify which leader in the Sahyadri guest house happened to the people of the underworld in a closed room.' Anil Deshmukh and Chinku Pathan had a meeting on 20 January 2020 at Sahyadri Guest House, who is Dawood Ibrahim's man.

Along with this, he also said that 'Children of many leaders used to party with Kashif Khan in the private shoot of Taj Presidency Hotel, Nawab Malik should disclose this. Lalit Hotel should be investigated by taking possession of CCTV, I used to go there or Nawab Malik used to go, the whole matter will be clear.' Disclose how Nawab Malik created property worth 3000 crores. We are working on Drugs Free Mumbai. I have never said that I am the leader of the BJP. The people of Maharashtra are watching. Aslam Shaikh will have to answer what is the relationship with Kashif Khan.

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