Mumbai Mayor makes big statement on corona deaths

Mumbai: Mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar said that the cases of 'Omicron', which are spreading at the speed of corona and corona infection in the city, are now decreasing. He also appealed to the public to get vaccinated against the infection. In a video released by the mayor's office, Pednekar said that 94 percent of the people who died of the virus since February 2021, had not been vaccinated.

According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), 11,647 new cases of corona were reported in the capital of Maharashtra on Tuesday, which was 2,001 less than the cases a day earlier. A total of 9,39,867 cases of virus have been reported in the city so far. Pednekar said that the cases of corona and 'Omicron' form are gradually decreasing now, but at this time it is also necessary that all people get anti-corona vaccines.

Along with this, Pednekar said, 'All persons should be vaccinated. Please get vaccinated. Mayor Kishori said, 'There are very few cases of delta variant in Mumbai. Instead, the Omicron variant has taken it. Omicron is considered mild so far as it is less lethal than last year's delta variant. In Mumbai, 20,318 new cases were reported on Saturday, 19,474 on Sunday and 13,648 on Monday. Earlier, due to the second wave of corona infection, the maximum number of 11,163 cases were reported on 4 April 2021.

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