Mumbai: 3 people and an elderly drowned

Sep 12 2019 05:06 PM
Mumbai: 3 people and an elderly drowned

Recently, a case of crime has emerged from Mumbai. In this case, three people including an elderly woman have drowned in different areas of Palghar. On Wednesday, police spokesman Hemant Katkar said that after registering a case, the investigation of all the three cases has started in the police. According to the information received in this case, Pali Jairam Dhodi (70) lived in Rinjadpada Talasri area of Talasri and went to bathe in Pali Varodi river, when Pali's foot slipped and fell in the river and flowed into a strong current due which Hali died.

In the second incident, Atmaram Mankanya Ghatal (65) who lived in Dahanu area and Atmaram went fishing in Surya river. At the same time, according to the information received in this case, Atmaram fell into the river and got swept away in the fast flow of the river, due to which he died. Along with this, in the third incident, Laxman Sadanya Handwa (55), who lived in Jawhar area and was going from Laxman's house towards the farm on Monday.

At the same time, during heavy rains, he got swept away in the Nag river due to which he died. In this case, the police have registered a case under the ADR sending the bodies of the three for postmortem and further the police has intensified in the investigation of these cases.

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