This is Mumbai's crime queen, Vicious thieves also leave behind in cases of theft

Feb 18 2020 12:06 PM
This is Mumbai's crime queen, Vicious thieves also leave behind in cases of theft

Mumbai: A policeman named Yasmin Sheikh was arrested by the Railway Police of Mayanagri Mumbai for stealing in trains. Yasmin has left behind the big thieves in the case of theft. A total of 53 cases are registered in various police stations in his name. Not only this, the police say that the accused woman has set up a flat and property worth millions due to this act of theft.

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Yasmin has also bought a house in Govandi area with stolen money. There are all the facilities from AC to her house. According to the police, Shaikh started her career as a bar girl. After banning the government's bar, she came into the world of crime. In the early days, she stayed with the female snatchers. She did not wear the burqa. One of the gang of snatchers instructed her to wear a burqa to hide her identity which she used well in the days ahead.

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Police has said that Yasmin has three children. Her elder daughter studies in a boarding school in Panchgani. When the police searched Yasmin's house, an item of Rs 8 lakh was recovered from her house which includes things like gold chains, mobile phones. Rajendra Pal said that on January 25, Yasmin carried out the chain-snatching incident on the number 7 and 8 platform in Kurla. We received a complaint in this regard on the 26th. The CCTV footage was then examined. On the basis of CCTV, the police identified the culprit and laid a trap to catch him. He said that a team of women constables and two crime branch officials was formed and sent to her house. The police arrested the woman on January 26 from her house.

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