Mumbai records first bone donation

Feb 23 2016 11:55 AM
Mumbai records first bone donation

On Saturday first time the case of bone donation recorded in Mumbai.On 19 February  Chembur resident Mr.Vinayak Mhaske suffered a brain haemorrhage and was stated brain dead and his family donated his bones, kidneys, cornea and liver.

In the Sion Hospital Mr.Mhaske’s organ and bones were harvested. It was the first cadaver bone handout in the city and the bones were gone to the ‘tissue and bone bank’at Tata  Memorial Hospital.

The bone harvesting attempted first time till date, it was the first case of  it and the whole process took an hour-said Officials of the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee. The ZTCC had a awaiting request from Tata Memorial Hospital.

ZTCC also said that-. “when we had the trying  for a cadaver organ boon, we called the doctors at TMH and asked them which bones required to be harvested and they replied us to harvest the hip and waist bones”. Then around six bones were harvested and refer to TMH.This was the great donation for  TMH’s tissue and bone bank and they use it for reconstruction surgeries.

The family of Mr. Mhaske  decided to donate hir organs after knowing about organ donation. Uttam Ambhore(Vinayak’s son-in-law) said,”The doctor informed us he was brain dead, then we discussed to each other and took a decision of organ donation. We never had a consultation on these topic with him”

His liver went to a 65-year-old woman in Jupiter Hospital, the kidneys to a 26-year-old in Sion Hospital and a 35-year-old in Jaslok Hospital.


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