Mumbai: Retired Arioli cop killed his son under police custody till June 17

Jun 16 2021 07:48 AM
Mumbai: Retired Arioli cop killed his son under police custody till June 17

Navi Mumbai: Bhagwan Patil, retired police officer is allege for open firing at his sons. The incident left one dead and another injured. The police officer has been sent to police custody till June 17. He is in Rabale Police custody.

According to officials, Patil was arrested immediately after he had shot at his sons on Monday evening at his residence in Airoli. Yogesh Gawade, senior police inspector from Rabale police station stated about the incident that ‘Patil was presented before Vashi court in Belapur and they got police custody till June 17.’ He further added “We have already recovered the revolver used in the crime.” However, the officials will investigate if there is any other reason which led him to fire the bullet. As per the police statements, the 68-year-old retired police officer had a fought with their two sons over the payment of car servicing. Patil lost his control and pulled his revolver and fired at his sons. Police said that Patil, who retired as an assistant sub-inspector, has three sons and he lived with his wife and the eldest son, who is physically challenged, at Sector 2 in Airoli. The second son Vijay (34) lived in Vasai and the youngest son Sujay (32) lives separately in the Airoli area.

Talking about the incident, the bullet hit the shoulder and stomach of Vijay and escaped touching Sujay. Vijay was then immediately admitted to a hospital in Airoli but later succumbed. Till now, in the initial investigation it is known that Patil had frequent fights with their sons and his wife.

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