Woman went to celebrate birthday party, friend raped

Mumbai: Crime cases have increased in Maharashtra these days. The recent case is from Mumbai, the economic capital of the country. A 30-year-old woman was raped last Monday at a five-star hotel in the posh Worli area. The accused in the case has been identified as Avin Agarwal. According to reports, during the victim's birthday party, the accused mixed something with alcohol and then raped the girl. Now the Worli police have started an investigation into the matter. So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

Police said the incident took place last Monday evening when the accused booked a room at a five-star hotel in Worli to celebrate the woman's birthday. The victim says her birthday was only in the second week of July but both of them were busy so the two decided to celebrate their birthdays last Monday. Police further said that the two met on the dating app a few months ago. Police say the accused initially ordered a chocolate cake at the hotel but ordered another cake when he came to know that the woman did not like chocolate.

The two then drank together but the woman suspected that some drugs had been added to her alcohol. The victim told police that she started falling asleep as soon as she drank alcohol. In her statement to the police, the woman said that when she started falling asleep, the accused did a disgusting thing to her. The victim said she was not in a situation to oppose the accused. In the meantime, another girl came there, and then there was a lot of debate. The 30-year-old victim then booked a cab and went to her home in Versova and reached and informed her roommate about the incident. The duo then lodged a police complaint.

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